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How to Prevent Construction Accidents in Montana

November 22, 2019 |

Construction might be an inherently dangerous industry, with risks such as heavy machinery and working from heights, but you can do certain things as a worker to make the workplace safer for you and your coworkers. Construction accidents in Montana are often preventable with due care and consideration for federal safety regulations. As someone who has to go to work in construction in Montana, take your safety into your own hands. Do not assume your employer maintains a safe workplace. Take actionable steps toward preventing construction accidents yourself for optimal on-the-job safety.

Follow Workplace Protocols

The construction company you work for should have safety guidelines, systems and protocols in place for each job site and type of project. It is important to obey these rules to the letter, as they are in place for a reason. Worksite rules such as always wearing a hard hat and keeping a tidy site exist to reduce the risk of serious accidents, personal injuries and worker wrongful deaths. Rules may seem tedious or add to the length of a project, but they could mean the difference between life and death on a dangerous job site.

Never cut corners to save time on a project. If you can work smarter or more efficiently without breaking any safety regulations, your employer will probably encourage you to do so. If cutting a step out or doing something differently will break a safety rule or put someone in danger, however, refrain. Cutting corners can lead to mistakes, sloppy work, rushed jobs and excessively dangerous construction sites. Putting yourself and others at risk by breaching company protocols is not worth saving a few minutes.

Obey OSHA’s Safety Standards

Although it is technically your employer’s responsibility to maintain a safe worksite according to federal regulations, learning the basics of workplace safety yourself could decrease the overall odds of a serious accident or injury. As a worker who is on the site day in and day out, you could be in a position to notice and report Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violations sooner than others. OSHA has dozens of codes in place for the construction industry.

If you notice a violated OSHA standard, report it to your supervisor immediately. If your employer ignores the issue or fails to remedy it within a reasonable amount of time, file an official complaint with OSHA. Call OSHA’s toll-free line immediately if it is a life-threatening or emergency situation at 1-(800)-321-OSHA. Your boss cannot terminate your employment, demote you or otherwise punish you for reporting a safety violation. If you do face retaliation, contact an employment attorney for assistance.

Keep Your Workplace Safe and Clean

The most common accidents that cause worker deaths in construction, according to OSHA, are falls, struck-by objects, electrocutions and caught-in/between. Maintaining a safe and clean workspace could help prevent these serious personal injuries. Take it upon yourself to always obey the rules, stick to protocols, listen to your employer, wear your safety gear and use construction best practices while at work. Your safety and that of those around you could be in your hands.

Do not give in to peer pressure or the impulse to cut corners. Do not crumble under pressure from your employer to break the rules, either. Some construction companies engage in illegal business practices or breach safety standards to save time or money. You have the right to report your employer to OSHA for code violations without fear of retaliation. Going to OSHA with a significant construction site safety risk could prevent a tragic or fatal accident.