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Common Rear-End Car Accident Injuries in 2019

Rear-end auto accidents are the most common type of auto accident and they account for 28% of all collisions per year. Rear-end auto accidents are not always fender benders, accounting for 6% of all fatalities. These fender benders cost people millions of dollars in damages each year.

When it comes to rear-end auto accidents, negligence is almost always present. The vehicle coming from behind is almost always liable in a rear-end auto accident. This means they are responsible for any medical fees, lost wages, and other destroyed property suffered by the driver of the vehicle they struck.

Common Rear-End Injuries

When vehicles are struck from behind, injuries generally result in the same pattern. If an individual has suffered a rear-end motor vehicle accident, they are likely to experience one of many common injuries.

Regardless of the severity of a rear-end collision, individuals should always seek medical attention. After that, individuals should seek professional legal counsel for representation for their damages.