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Can construction contractors receive workplace accident compensation?

January 30, 2018 |

Construction jobs are very dangerous. The likelihood of accidents and injury are much higher on those job sites, as is the risk of death. As a contractor in the Great Falls area, you get to pick and choose which construction sites you work on. This flexibility makes it easier for you to avoid working for employers that may not be in the habit of staying in complete compliance with federal workplace safety regulations. Your employment designation also means that in the event of a workplace accident, you may have to work a little harder to secure compensation.

Being a contractor does not mean you are not entitled to file a claim against an employer. You do not have to be a direct employee to have access to many of the same federal protections as W-2 wage earners. Here is some information that can help improve the outcome of your injury claim.

You should follow all worksite rules

You must follow all workplace safety rules and policies. Though you may not be under the same rules as employees are, there are safety guidelines you should follow. They are in place to prevent accidents and incidents that can cause injuries and death. If you were to become injured while engaging in activities that clearly violate workplace safety guidelines, there is a chance you could encounter issues with getting your claim approved.

Holding the client liable for your injuries

Bear in mind that there if you were to fall off a ladder, from a crane or become injured in some other kind of construction site accident, your employer or the company that contracted you may hold responsiblity if they neglected proper protocol in identifying and preventing hazardous conditions from arising that lead to your injury.

There are many factors that can make or break a workers’ compensation claim, not just employee classification. The claims process for independent contractors is often challenging. Many individuals who end up becoming injured while on their job sites find it beneficial to speak to an attorney for guidance.