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10 Common Auto Accidents Claims in 2018

No matter how careful drivers are, auto accidents will still happen. Some types of accidents are far more common than others, and proper vigilance while on the road can prevent many injuries and damages. Before getting behind the wheel, make sure you’re prepared for these common types of accidents.

  1. Reckless Driving

For the most part, reckless driving refers to any activity that involves the negligent disregard of traffic laws. Most often, motorists break the speed limit and cut other drivers off to try to get to their destination faster. These types of actions can easily cause collisions.

  1. Driver Fatigue

When we feel tired, our level of attentiveness drops, as does our ability to react quickly. Both starting to drive when drowsy and taking extended trips without appropriate rest can lead to mistakes. Many drivers also start to feel fatigue at night, which further increases the chances of an accident.

  1. Secondary Accidents

Sometimes referred to as rubbernecking, drivers occasionally pay more attention to an already existing accident than to where they’re driving themselves. Looking away from the road for any amount of time increases the risk of not seeing approaching obstacles in time.

  1. Street Defects

While many accidents are the result of driver negligence, sometimes the road is the source. The party responsible for caring for the road may not have done appropriate maintenance, or even the initial design of the road was flawed, not giving drivers enough room to operate.

  1. Construction Zones

Like street defects, construction zones require caution from everyone involved. Construction crews may not give proper notice or block off the area appropriately. Drivers may also not follow construction area warnings, bringing reckless driving into an area that is already at-risk for accidents.

  1. Mobile Phone Use

Cell phones have many different uses, from calls to text messages to apps. Unfortunately, as cell phones gain more functions, they’re also gaining more ways to draw drivers’ attention away from the road. Reading or sending a text message involves a driver’s hands, eyes, and mental attention, which all are necessary to safely operate a vehicle.

  1. Driving Under the Influence

Whether it be by drugs or alcohol, being impaired while driving creates a whole host of slower reaction times, lack of attention, and poor decisions. Drinking and driving can make a person almost nine times more likely to be in an accident than a sober driver.

  1. Weather Conditions

Rain, fog, snow, ice, heavy winds, and other inclement conditions all make driving more dangerous. Wet and icy conditions make it harder to keep your vehicle steady on the road, while heavy rain and fog can reduce overall visibility. Many accidents occur because motorists do not adjust their driving to the weather.

  1. Distracted Driving

While often thought of in conjunction with cell phone use, distracted driving refers to any action that takes the driver’s attention away from the road. This can include eating, drinking, talking with other passengers, adjusting the radio, or applying makeup, among other activities.

  1. Defective Car Parts

When seatbelts, tires, airbags, and other essential parts of your car are defective, they can cause accidents or make resulting damages much worse. Regular maintenance tasks are the responsibility of the car owner, like replacing worn tires, while product defects are the fault of the manufacturer, such as airbags that do not deploy properly.

Staying Safe While on the Road

As a driver, it’s always best to exercise caution while on the road, whether it’s by eliminating distractions or keeping your car in good shape. When other people’s negligence leads to a car accident, you may be eligible to receive legal compensation with help from a Montana car accident lawyer near you.