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Filing a third-party claim for a Montana workplace injury

If you suffer a serious, debilitating injury while on the job in Montana, you may have to modify your entire life. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may end up needing a lifetime of medical care, and this can ruin your finances in addition to the physical pain you already must endure.

Many of Montana’s biggest industries, among them logging, farming and mining, employ professionals like you in positions that are inherently dangerous. This means that many workers ultimately suffer a serious injury at some point during their professional lives. Should you do the same, you may, depending on the specific circumstances of your situation, be able to seek compensation from a third party for your injuries. You may make your living doing something that is known to be risky, but that does not mean others do not have a responsibility to greatly minimize those risks.  

What to know about traumatic brain injuries

When you think of injuries, broken bones and lacerations may first come to mind. However, another common but sometimes less noticeable one is a traumatic brain injury, or TBI.

A TBI is brain damage that occurs due to head trauma from shaking, internal bleeding, skull fractures, sudden jolts, blows or penetration. A common type of TBI is a concussion. If you experience any sort of head trauma, this is what you need to know.

How to file a mesothelioma claim

Montana employees in the construction and mining industries may find that this line of work has caused health complications over the years. People exposed to asbestos at work may have developed mesothelioma or other forms of cancer. While nothing can turn back time, you do have the right to file a claim against the employer who exposed you to harmful materials.

Here is what you should know about filing a claim:

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